TAKE THE ELEVATOR is an international booking agency for musical and artistic events.

Personal growth is possible through cultural experience.

Take the Elevator is not an event-producing machine. It is, I hope more a conduit for events, that might, in some way, elevate us, amplify and enrich our experience of life, enable us to access a higher level, and so gain a broader and more extended view of what life might have to offer, what is possible in this life.

I like to have a limited number of projects so that I can follow them personally, paying attention to every detail.

Every part of a project from the beginning to the end is important to me.

At the heart of every project is the idea, the concept, the motivation, that gives shape and meaning to the final form.

I want to invoke an Elective Affinity, respecting the talent and the humanity of the artists I promote.

For every project there is a different way to work.

I will give my full time and attention to understanding both the function and concept of the project in hand AND the needs of the individual artists involved.

I aim to use all my skill, knowledge, interpersonal abilities, and previous experience, to create, within the differing parameters of each venue and each project, situations where the artists can be free to express themselves fully and give of their best.

Music has been my starting point but I feel that there is enough room in the Elevator for all artistic forms and I look forward to welcoming them.

Ylenia Oliva (Founder and CEO)

Take The Elevator has collaborated with:

Esperanza Spalding, Tania Maria, Roberto Fonseca, Saba, Remo Anzovino, Dromos Festival, Trieste Loves Jazz, Ente Rovigo Festival, Camerata Musicale Barese, Festival delle Colline, Locus Festival, Piombino Jazz Festival (Egea); North Sea Jazz Festival; Kocani Orkestar, Rambo Amadeus (Balkan Buro); Josephine Foster (Efest), Embassy of the Netherlands in Italy; Music Center The Netherlands; Balkan Beat Box, Nouvelle Vague, Joyce, Goldie, Peaches, Robert Owens, Maichael Fakesch, Baroxmix, Gommage, Full Duplex, Kalabrese, Tyng Tiffany, XCoast, RQM, Marek, (Flower4, Mercati Generali, Crea E20); Massimo Siragusa Photography (Contrasto); Teatro Nando Greco; Etnafest; Associazione Culturale Mammut; The Shenker Institute of English; Isola Possibile (Il Manifesto); Edizioni Lapis, just to name a few.

“Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.”
Wisdom of Lao-tzu

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